Vedant Malladi Shines at the 5th UCA – OPEN Rapid & Age Category Chess Tournament 2024

5th UCA – OPEN Rapid & Age Category Chess Tournament 2024

Vedant Malladi, a dedicated and talented student of Mind Mentorz, has achieved an impressive victory by securing the 1st place in the Under 14 category at the 5th UCA – OPEN Rapid & Age Category Chess Tournament 2024. This prestigious event, recognized as a FIDE Rated tournament, highlights Vedant’s exceptional skills and dedication to the […]

Young Chess Star Aayansh Aagarwal Shines at K-3 Open Chess Championship

The recent K-3 Open Chess Championship witnessed some outstanding performances, and among the rising stars was Aayansh Aagarwal, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination throughout the tournament. Aayansh’s impressive performance earned him a notable 9th place tie in the challenging OPEN category, where he scored an impressive 5 out of 7 points. Aayansh, a young […]

Celebrating Success: Yashas Ram Tetali Shines in the Young Warriors Chess Tournament

In the world of chess, every move counts, and every tournament, no matter how big or small, presents an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and passion for the game. One such budding talent making waves is Yashas Ram Tetali, who recently secured a consolation prize in the Young Warriors Chess Tournament. Although the […]

Remarkable Triumph: Thejashri Secures Perfect 5/5 Score and Clinches 1st Place in the State Level Championship (USA)

We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the extraordinary success of our talented student, Thejashri, who recently participated in the prestigious State Level Chess Championship, known as the “SCI INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.” Thejashri demonstrated unparalleled skill, determination, and strategic brilliance, securing a perfect 5/5 score and claiming the coveted 1st place in the competition. In a […]