In a thrilling display of strategic prowess and intellect, young Prishita etched her name in the annals of the Chaman Bhartiya Interschool Triumph Chess Tournament. The event, which witnessed the active participation of more than 30 schools, unfolded yesterday as a testament to the competitive spirit and intellectual acumen of the participating students.

In the fiercely contested tournament, Prishita stood out with her exceptional skill and tactical brilliance. Competing in the under-13 girls category, she navigated through a formidable field of opponents, demonstrating not only her mastery of the game but also a calm and focused demeanor under pressure.


The tournament, hosted by Chaman Bhartiya School, served as a platform for budding chess enthusiasts to showcase their talent and compete at a high level. The participation of over 30 schools added a layer of intensity to the matches, making victories even more commendable.

Prishita’s journey to the top was marked by strategic brilliance, astute decision-making, and an unwavering determination to succeed. Her understanding of the game’s intricacies, combined with an ability to foresee and counter her opponents’ moves, set her apart from the competition.

The award ceremony was a moment of pride and jubilation for Prishita, her family, and her school. The first-place trophy, awarded in recognition of her exceptional performance, symbolizes not only individual success but also the dedication and support of her coaches, mentors, and the entire school community.

This triumph is not just a personal victory for Prishita but also a source of inspiration for aspiring chess players within her school and beyond. Her achievement underscores the importance of discipline, perseverance, and a passion for the game in the pursuit of excellence.

As Prishita basks in the glory of her well-deserved victory, the Chaman Bhartiya Interschool Triumph Chess Tournament stands as a memorable chapter in her journey, affirming her status as a rising star. The entire community extends its heartfelt congratulations to Prishita, celebrating her success as a beacon of achievement and sportsmanship.