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Imagine education that’s not just fun, but equips your child for the future. That’s the magic of MindMentorz, founded in 2016 by FIDE Arena Grandmaster (AGM) Praveen Sagar. More than just a chess academy, MindMentorz is a launchpad for 21st-century skills. We have meticulously crafted a technology-driven learning platform to bring chess to life for students worldwide. Since 2016, we’ve nurtured countless “Little Masters” in chess and Rubik’s cube solving. But the benefits go beyond trophies! We’ve witnessed a dramatic improvement in our students’ confidence, focus, and overall academic performance. Chess isn’t just about checkmates; it’s about strategy, communication, and resilience. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates these crucial 21st-century skills, preparing your child for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Thousands of students worldwide have already made their move with MindMentorz.

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