We are delighted to announce the outstanding achievers of the Mind Mentorz Open Online Chess Tournament held on March 16, 2024. This event showcased the strategic prowess and tactical brilliance of numerous participants, culminating in a riveting display of chess mastery.

🥇 1st Place: Anay Banka
Username: PaleSmilingFeline

In a fiercely contested competition, Anay Banka demonstrated unparalleled skill and determination, securing the coveted 1st place position. Their strategic acumen and precise gameplay earned them a well-deserved victory.

🥈 2nd Place: Vedant Malladi
Username: ShyDullLeg

Vedant Malladi showcased exceptional chess expertise, claiming the 2nd place spot. Their ability to navigate complex positions and make decisive moves was truly impressive, marking them as a formidable contender.

🥉 3rd Place: Sriram Eamani
Username: BestNoisyTurnip

Sriram Eamani exhibited remarkable strategic thinking and resilience throughout the tournament, clinching the 3rd place with skillful maneuvers and tactical brilliance.

Best Intermediate Player: Shreyansh Sheetal
Username: WidePresentLily

Shreyansh Sheetal’s performance stood out among intermediate players, showcasing a deep understanding of chess principles and executing strategies with finesse, earning them the title of Best Intermediate Player.

Best Beginner Player: Dominic Vihaan Singh
Username: DryStunningLog

Dominic Vihaan Singh’s entry into the chess arena showed promise and potential, earning them the distinction of Best Beginner Player. Their enthusiasm and dedication to improvement were evident throughout the tournament.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and commendable sportsmanship. Additionally, we applaud all participants for their enthusiasm and contribution, making the Mind Mentorz Open Online Chess Tournament a resounding success.

All winners will receive e-Certificates and redeemable vouchers, which will be sent via personal inbox messages.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this event, showcasing the enduring appeal and intellectual stimulation of chess. We look forward to more engaging tournaments in the future. Cheers to the chess champions and enthusiasts alike!

Mind Mentorz ♟ looks forward to continuing its tradition of hosting engaging and competitive chess tournaments, fostering a vibrant community of chess enthusiasts and providing a platform for players to showcase their talent and passion for the game.

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