Winners of February Monthly Chesskid Tournament 2024

The chesskid boards were alight with intense battles as participants from around the globe gathered virtually to showcase their strategic prowess in the Mind Mentorz Open Online Chesskid Tournament. The event, held on February 17, saw an impressive turnout, with players of varying skill levels vying for the top honors.

After several rounds of exhilarating gameplay, the tournament culminated in the crowning of the champions across different categories. Here are the distinguished winners who emerged victorious from the cerebral battlefield:

🥇 1st Place: Keertan Purohit (Username: ZZKeertanP) With masterful moves and unparalleled finesse, Keertan Purohit secured the coveted first place in the tournament. Displaying a remarkable understanding of the game, Purohit emerged as the ultimate victor, earning the admiration of competitors and spectators alike.

🥈 2nd Place: Aariv Prabhakar (Username: TopFreezingTurtle) Claiming the second spot on the podium, Aariv Prabhakar demonstrated exceptional skill and strategic acumen throughout the tournament. His calculated maneuvers and tactical brilliance propelled him to the runner-up position, solidifying his status as a formidable contender.

🥉 3rd Place: Shreyansh Sheetal (Username: WidePresentLily) Shreyansh Sheetal showcased remarkable resilience and ingenuity, clinching the third-place position with commendable performance. His strategic decisions and unwavering determination earned him a well-deserved spot among the top performers of the tournament.

⭐ Best Intermediate: Aarav Roy Chowdhury (Username: Aaravc) Aarav Roy Chowdhury exhibited exceptional skill and proficiency, earning the title of Best Intermediate player in the tournament. With a combination of tactical prowess and strategic foresight, Chowdhury distinguished himself as a rising talent in the chess community.

⭐ Best Beginner: Dominic Thomas Patteril (Username: RedOriginalMelody) Dominic Thomas Patteril showcased remarkable potential and enthusiasm, earning recognition as the Best Beginner in the tournament. His dedication to improvement and willingness to learn mark him as a promising newcomer in the realm of competitive chess.

The winners, along with all participants, contributed to the success of the event, enriching the chess community with their passion and sportsmanship. Each champion will receive personalized e-Certificates and redeemable vouchers as tokens of recognition for their outstanding achievements.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their exemplary performance and for making the Mind Mentorz Open Online Chess Tournament a resounding success. Until the next exhilarating competition, may the thrill of the game continue to inspire and unite chess enthusiasts worldwide.

Results can be downloaded here:

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