What does Summer Camp mean to your children?

The transition of the seasons are always beautiful. It’s divine to see so many colours after the cold winter months. Summers are extreme in a tropical country like India, but it is so much more than just heat and sweat, summers bring everything alive from hibernation.

Now that school’s over, children are either eager to go out for a family trip or excited for their summer camp. They are pumping with energy and keeping them at home will not do them any good. Then why not divert all that energy into gaining something valuable  and learning things that are constructive? Sending your kids to summer camp is an excellent option to let them steer their passion into productivity.

How does a summer camp help in the overall development of a child?

Though being a North American concept, sending children to summer camps have been recognised as a fruitful summer activity and there are some concrete facts that provide you a meaningful insight on how this helps the overall development of the child.

  • Build a strong social relationships- Quoting Aristotle, “Man is a social animal.” People started living in society or group, because human to human contact is considered essential for a healthy lifestyle. Whereas, kids these days, can be pretty self-involved and tangled in technology. So, there is a need for them to go out, develop their social skills and make friends. Summer camp is a place where kids can meet other kids and thus learn basic social skills.
  • Boosts up confidence- As a parent, it’s very normal to be vigilant, but being overprotective over children can never let them build up their confidence and be a go getter. Confining them to strict do’s and don’ts can constrain them at that point, but crush their future. Summer camps provide the kids a new environment. They are inside a safe premises but can reach out to unlimited opportunities and scopes. These camps push them to challenge their own abilities and prove that they can do a lot more than they perceive.
  • Encourages mental stimulation and physical exercises- Kids are meant to get out of their comfort zone and learn things that the other kids are good at. Generally camps are a gadget free area where the kids explore the outside world. They wake up early, follow daily routine, participate in various mental and physical activities and then go to bed in a timely manner. It’s fun because they are doing all these with their fellow peers. All these mental and physical exercises gets their body in sync with the routine.
  • Value of Leadership- An important part of growing up is strengthening your  decision-making ability. At home, a kid might not have been given the authority to make decisions, so various activities at camp help them, take charge. Leadership is not about commanding, yelling or bossing around. A child prepares himself/herself for the gravity of life by learning the value of leadership skills.

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