2nd April to May 30th

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    Chess Coaching

    Embark on a journey of chess mastery with our expert-led classes. Develop tactical brilliance and strategic thinking that goes beyond the board – it’s more than just a game, it’s a mind-shaping experience.

    Rubik's Cube

    Unlock the magic of problem-solving with our Rubik’s Cube sessions. Twist, turn, and conquer the cube – developing spatial intelligence and boosting cognitive skills in a fun and challenging environment for young minds.

    Spreadsheet and AI

    Learn data manipulation, create formulas, and visualize information using spreadsheets. Get familiar with exploring the creative possibilities of Generative AI. Guided by experienced instructors for young minds in a fun and challenging enviroment.


    Apr 2nd - May 30th, 2024


    Tuesday to Sunday
    5:30 am to 9:30pm


    5+ Years

    Pricing Plans:

    Online Day Classes (10AM - 6PM IST)

    • 8 classes - 2600 +18% = ₹3068/-

    • 16 classes - 4600 +18% = ₹5428/-

    Online Night Classes (7PM - 8AM IST)

    • 8 classes - 3250 +18% = ₹3835/-

    • 16 classes - 6000 +18% = ₹7080/-

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