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    Learn from FIDE Rated & Professional Chess Coaches

    We offer the best learning experience with our professional, child-friendly trainers who understand every child’s learning ability and teach. Be your child an absolute beginner or a champion who needs support for competing tournaments, we got everything covered.

    Online & Classroom Learning

    Apart from classroom coaching, we also offer tools for the children to practice learn offline. They also join our club of 1000+ kids and play and learn with other kids of similar levels. As children learn and improve, parents can monitor their progress in the online tool.

    Chess Curriclum &Tournaments

    We have the best level-based training, starting from absolute beginner to advanced levels. The student is graded by their chess rating and join the right level of classes. We run monthly tournaments within our academy where over hundred kids compete with each other.

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    • Over 100,000 Chess Puzzles to Solve
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    Interactive Chess Classrooms

    Attend Online chess classes with our interactive classroom. Actively participate in the classes by answering questions, solving puzzles, and fight for the leaderboard by scoring more points!

    Student Reports

    Student Reports Get access to daily, weekly, and monthly student reports – see detailed statistics of classes attended, problems solved, quizzes completed, points scored, games won, and more.

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