Gukesh: From Prodigy to Champion

Remember the name Gukesh! This 17-year-old chess wizard from Chennai, India, just made history by becoming the youngest player ever to win the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament!  That’s right, folks – the kid’s a champ, going up against the world’s best and coming out on top! We’ve been following Gukesh’s meteoric rise for years. He’s been a chess prodigy […]

Gukesh, the 17-Year-Old Indian Prodigy Makes History as Youngest Ever World Championship Challenger; Zhongyi take charge as Women’s Challenger

In an electrifying day of chess, the 17-year-old Indian sensation, Gukesh D, clinched victory in the FIDE Candidates 2024, securing his shot at the World Champion title against the formidable Ding Liren later this year. Gukesh held his own against the seasoned Hikaru Nakamura, navigating through a tense game that seemed destined for rapid tiebreaks. […]

Nakamura and Gukesh Close in on Nepomniachtchi in Open, While Tan Plays it Safe

In a pivotal Round 12 of the Candidates tournament, tension was high as Ian Nepomniachtchi led the pack with 7 points, closely trailed by Hikaru Nakamura and Gukesh D at 6.5. The matchups were crucial: Gukesh faced off against the last seeded Abasov, Nakamura took on Alireza, and Nepomniachtchi clashed again with Praggnanandhaa. The results […]

Nepomniachtchi and Tan continue to dominate as sole leaders, while Nakamura’s triumph lands him in joint second alongside Gukesh.

After today’s riveting chess matches, Nepomniachtchi and Tan must be feeling the pressure, as the tournament standings still offer them no respite. With Nakamura and Gukesh hot on Nepomniachtchi’s heels, and Lei closely trailing Tan, every move counts. Fortunately, both Nepomniachtchi and Tan delivered with wins against Vidit and Lagno, respectively. Tan’s victory over Lagno […]

Comeback Kings: Nakamura and Caruana Regain Momentum, Lei Joins the Thrilling Title Race! 🌟

Nakamura and Caruana made dazzling comebacks, clinching victories against Abasov and Firouzja, respectively! Meanwhile, Lei triumphed over Goryachkina, securing a tie with Tan for the top spot!  Adding to the thrill, Vaishali outplayed Salimova in an impressive win!  In the thrilling open section of the Candidates, Gukesh and Nepomniachtchi faced off today, resulting in a deadlock.  Meanwhile, […]

Gukesh Roars Back to Share the Lead as Lei Triumphs Over Tan 🌟👑

Gukesh clinched victory against Vidit, storming into the lead alongside Nepomniachtchi!  Meanwhile, Lei’s impressive triumph over Tan sets the stage for an electrifying three-way tie at the top!  After a stunning Round 8, the chessboard drama took a wild turn! Gukesh roared back from his setback, locking horns with Nepomniachtchi once again at the top. Meanwhile, […]

Vidit and Tan Dominate Round 9, with Tan Regaining the Solo Lead! 🏆

In a riveting turn of events, Vidit clinched his second victory against Nakamura, solidifying his position at the top of the Open. Meanwhile, Tan’s triumph over Vaishali propelled her to the coveted sole lead in the Women’s division.  But wait, draws stole the spotlight today!  Sometimes overshadowed by decisive wins, draws can be just as thrilling. Take […]

Action Packed Round 6: Praggnanandhaa Wins, Women’s Candidates Go Wild! 🌟🏆

The top-seeded opting for solidity doesn’t come as a shocker. And the rest of the games? Well, they unfolded pretty much as expected. Praggnanandhaa went all in, converting against Abasov, while Nakamura, playing with the Black pieces, strategically aimed to neutralize Gukesh. Meanwhile, Vidit and Firouzja opted for complexity, hoping to turn the tables in […]