Moulding the Chess Prodigies and what it takes to be one

Excerpts from Uzbek chess team coach Captain Ivan Sokolov’s Interview with In the recent Chess Olympiad 2022, the tiny terrain of Uzbekistan walked away with the overall gold, hushing off the more formidable teams including the ones from India. At the event hosted by the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the Uzbek men’s chess […]

Why Chess is the Perfect Game to Teach Your Kids the Art of Persuasion

Have you ever had to convince your boss to give you a raise? Or, had to talk your way out of a speeding ticket? If so, then you know first-hand the power of persuasion. The ability to persuade others is a valuable skill that everyone could do with, and chess is the perfect game to […]

A Good Chess Cheater Might Never be Caught

  Several experienced chess players rely on their instincts when playing the game. With time, the narrative has changed as AI-enabled systems have transformed the face of the game. The disparity between human intelligence and the computer brain has made the ancient sport all the more intense. Let’s talk about an incident that elucidates the […]

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