Winners of January 2024 Monthly Tournament

We are pleased to announce the winners of Mind Mentorz 🖥 Open Online Chess Tournament held on January 13 🥇 1st place: Vivaan Balani. (LeanFamousCar) 🥈 2nd place: Keertan Purohit. (ZZKeertanP) 🥉 3rd place: Stavya Bansal. (ChessChampy) ⭐ Best Intermediate: Srirama Charan Annaluru. (FarGroovyMaple) ⭐ Best Beginner: Yashas Sreekumar (YChamp) All of them will be […]

Beyond the Board: Vidit Gujrathi’s Journey to the FIDE Candidates 2024

In the world of chess, victories are not just measured by moves on the board; they embody a personal journey, a story of dedication, growth, and resilience. Vidit Gujrathi’s recent triumph at the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 not only secured him a spot in the upcoming FIDE Candidates 2024 but also unveiled a deeper narrative […]

Praggnanandhaa: India’s Chess Prodigy Making a ‘Remarkable’ Impact on the Sport

Introduction: Indian chess prodigy R Praggnanandhaa’s recent performance in the World Cup has left a lasting impression on experts and enthusiasts alike. Despite being the runner-up in the tournament, his incredible skills and determination have sparked significant interest and hope for the future of chess in India. This blog explores Praggnanandhaa’s journey, his influence on […]

Magnus Carlsen Achieves Chess Grand Slam with World Cup Victory

Former World Champion Magnus Carlsen has achieved a remarkable milestone in his illustrious chess career by winning his first-ever World Cup title. This victory completes Carlsen’s collection of major tournament wins and solidifies his status as one of the greatest chess players of all time.   The World Cup is the only major event that […]

GM Hikaru Nakamura Triumphs at the Bullet Speed Chess Championship 2023

Introduction GM Hikaru Nakamura emerged victorious at the highly anticipated Bullet Chess Championship 2023 (BCC), securing his fourth title in this prestigious event. With a prize fund of $100,000 and the opportunity to qualify for the Speed Chess Championship’s main event, the BCC attracted some of the fastest and most talented players in the world, […]

Triveni Continental Kings Triumph in the Inaugural Global Chess League 2023

Triveni Continental Kings Claim Victory in the First-Ever Global Chess League The Global Chess League, held in Dubai from June 22 to July 2, showcased the world’s finest chess players, including active and former world champions in classical, rapid, and blitz categories. This prestigious event marked the second major chess tournament hosted in Dubai, following […]

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