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Samarth Ranjan Sahu Secures first place in the CPG Chess Tournament - Oct 2023 in the U12 Category

8 Years Old

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Vedanth Malladi stood 4th among 150 students (out of 100 schools) who participated in the CBSE Chess tournament yesterday at Bengaluru.

11 Years Old

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Surya Raghav Secures 2nd Place in the U1000 State Championship, CA

10 Years Old


Vivaswath Donkada secures 2nd Place in the Norwalk Knights Spring Chess Championship

11 Years Old


Thejashree Secures 1st place in the State Junior Chess Championship USA - January 2023

11 Years Old


Siddhi Salvi Places 2nd in the GEMS Academy School Chess Competition - January 2023

8 Years Old


Sarthak Patnaik wins 1st place in the FIDE U1400 Chess Tournament held in Africa, Jan 2023

12 Years Old


Aaditya Ranjan Sahu secures 1st Place in U1400 Rapid of the Aswamedha All Indian Open FIDE Chess Tournament 2023

9 Years Old


Lakkshan J secures 5th Place in the U15 1st State Level Children's Chess Tournament, 2023

9 Years Old


Arav Ray Secures 2nd Place in the 5th HSM Memorial Rapid Chess Tournament in Bangalore, 2023

11 Years Old