Nakamura Takes the Lead at Norway Chess 2024 Round 4, Outsmarts Praggnanandhaa

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In a gripping Round 4 of the 12th Norway Chess 2024, Hikaru Nakamura bested R Praggnanandhaa, seizing the top spot on the leaderboard. Praggnanandhaa’s daring knight sacrifice aimed to expose Nakamura’s king but ultimately fell short, allowing Nakamura to secure a win with relative ease. Despite the teenager’s relentless fight, Nakamura’s lead proved insurmountable.

Adding to the excitement, Magnus Carlsen exacted revenge for last year’s defeat against Fabiano Caruana. In a dramatic turn, Caruana blundered into a mating net in what should have been a draw. This victory was particularly sweet for Carlsen after a previous round loss to Praggnanandhaa.

Meanwhile, Alireza Firouzja continued his strong form by defeating the reigning world champion, Ding Liren, for the second time this year. Firouzja capitalized on Liren’s errors, especially after a critical mistake with 23…Qxh3.

A Day of Decisive Matches

For the first time in this tournament, all matches were decided in the classical format without the need for Armageddon tie-breakers. Nakamura now leads with 7/12 points, followed by Firouzja with 6.5, and Carlsen with 6. Praggnanandhaa, Caruana, and Liren trail with 5.5, 5, and 2.5 points, respectively.

Detailed Match Analysis

Caruana vs. Carlsen 0-3

Caruana and Carlsen’s encounter started with the Italian Opening. The game saw early exchanges, leading to a queen endgame where Caruana, a pawn down, seemed poised for a draw. However, a critical error on move 66 Kh2??
led to his downfall, giving Carlsen a much-needed victory.

12th Norway 2024 Round 4









Nakamura vs. Praggnanandhaa 3-0

In their encounter, an inaccurate move by Praggnanandhaa allowed Nakamura to solidify his position. Despite an ambitious knight sacrifice by Praggnanandhaa, Nakamura’s superior positioning and material advantage led to his win after a protracted endgame.

12th Norway 2024 Round 4






Firouzja vs. Liren 3-0

Firouzja’s game against Liren saw the young Iranian star exploit his opponent’s mistakes efficiently. A crucial error by Liren on move 23 Qxh3?? handed Firouzja a significant advantage, culminating in a swift victory.

12th Norway 2024 Round 4




Upcoming Matches and Tournament Format

The tournament continues with Round 5 scheduled for June 1st. The players, including Nakamura, Firouzja, and Carlsen, will look to consolidate their positions as they battle for the prestigious title.

The Norway Chess 2024 follows a double-round format with Armageddon tie-breaks if the classical games end in a draw. Players are awarded 3 points for a classical win, 1.5 points for an Armageddon win, and 1 point for an Armageddon loss.

MindMentorz Take:

The 12th Norway Chess 2024 continues to deliver captivating chess, with each round adding new layers of drama and excitement. As Nakamura leads the pack, the competition remains fierce, and any player can rise to the occasion. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from one of the most prestigious chess tournaments of the year.

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Author: Praveen Sagar
FIDE Arena Grandmaster