Magnus dominates Hikaru in Armageddon at Norway Chess 2024 Round 2

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The 12th Norway 2024 Chess tournament has been nothing short of thrilling, especially in the second round where we saw some intense Armageddon matches. Magnus Carlsen, our very own chess wizard from Norway, once again showcased his brilliance by defeating the formidable Hikaru Nakamura from the USA in the Armageddon tiebreaker, it was a brilliant nail-biting experience.
Let’s dive into the details of these exciting games and see how the modern era legends performed.

Carlsen (1.5) vs Nakamura (1): A Clash of Titans

In this round, Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, both top players with immense respect and rivalry, ended their classical game in a draw. However, the real action began in the Armageddon game. Unlike last year where Magnus had the Armageddon advantage, this time the colors were reversed, but the result was the same. Magnus, deviating from their classical encounter, played 5.0-0 instead of 5.c3, setting the stage for a different kind of battle. Nakamura, known for his aggressive style, chose to play actively, but this decision backfired as he lost key pawns and eventually the game. Magnus Carlsen’s strategic brilliance and calm under pressure once again shone through.

12th Norway 2024 R2 Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura














Firouzja (1.5) vs Caruana (1): A Battle of Wits

Alireza Firouzja from France faced off against the American grandmaster Fabiano Caruana. Last year, Caruana had the upper hand, but Firouzja came prepared this time. The classical game started dynamically, with both players making bold moves. Despite having two pieces hanging, Caruana managed to avoid material loss but couldn’t mount a decisive attack, leading the game to a draw. In the Armageddon, Caruana made a critical mistake by sacrificing an exchange, allowing Firouzja to capitalize and secure a victory. This win was significant for Firouzja as it marked his first over-the-board tournament victory in over ten months.

Firouzja vs Caruana_ 1.5-1.png














Ding Liren vs Praggnanandhaa: 1.5-1 The Reigning Champion Strikes Back

The young Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa faced the reigning World Champion Ding Liren from China. Earlier this year, Praggnanandhaa had defeated Ding at the Tata Steel Masters, but Ding was determined not to let history repeat itself. Their classical game ended in a draw, but the Armageddon match was where Ding displayed his champion’s prowess. Praggnanandhaa made a bold move with 20…b5, which Ding expertly countered, eventually leading to a victory. This game showed Ding Liren slowly returning to his true form, reminding everyone why he holds the world champion title.

Ding Liren vs Praggnanandhaa_ 1.5-1.png














Upcoming Matches and Standings

The third round of the tournament is set to start today at 5 p.m. CET, 8:30 p.m. IST. As of now, Magnus Carlsen leads the standings with 3 points. The competition is heating up, and with every round, the excitement only grows.

MindMentorz Take:

The second round of the 12th Norway Chess 2024 has given us a taste of the high-level chess battles we can expect throughout the tournament. With Magnus Carlsen leading and players like Firouzja and Ding Liren showing remarkable performances, we are in for some thrilling chess in the days to come. So, stay tuned and keep cheering for your favorite players!

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