12th Norway Chess 2024 Round 1:

Thrilling Armageddon Battles

The first round of the 12th Norway Chess 2024 was a rollercoaster with three matches decided by Armageddon. Let’s dive into the action-packed highlights.

Liren (1)  vs Carlsen (1.5): A Quick Draw and Armageddon Tiebreaker

The classical game between World Champion Ding Liren and World No.1 Magnus Carlsen ended in just 14 moves, resulting in a draw. Their Armageddon game also concluded in a draw, but since Magnus held the black pieces, he emerged victorious due to Armageddon rules favoring black in case of a draw.

12th Norway 2024 Round 1 Ding liren vs carlsen


Praggnanandhaa  (1.5) vs Firouzja (1): A Historic Win for Praggnanandhaa

R Praggnanandhaa faced Alireza Firouzja in a highly anticipated match. The classical game ended in a draw, pushing them into an Armageddon tiebreaker. With white pieces, Praggnanandhaa clinched his first over-the-board tournament victory against Firouzja, marking a significant milestone in his career.

12th Norway 2024 R1 Pragg vs firoujza


Caruana (1) vs Nakamura (1.5): A Battle of Giants

Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura, both from the USA, also drew their classical game. In the Armageddon tiebreaker, Nakamura, playing with black pieces, managed to turn the tables and secure a win, echoing his performance from last year.

12th Norway 2024 R1 Caruana vs Nakamura


Round 2 Pairings

The second round promises more excitement with these matchups:
– Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura
– Alireza Firouzja vs Fabiano Caruana
– Ding Liren vs R Praggnanandhaa

The games will commence at 5 p.m. CET, which is 8:30 p.m. IST.

Tournament Format and Schedule

This double-round event spans 10 rounds with each classical game potentially leading to an Armageddon tiebreaker if drawn. The classical games have a time control of 120 minutes with a 10-second increment starting from move 41. Armageddon games give white 10 minutes and black 7 minutes, with a 1-second increment per move from move 41.

Scoring System

– Win in classical game: 3 points
– Loss in classical game: 0 points
– Draw in classical & win in Armageddon: 1.5 points
– Draw in classical & loss in Armageddon: 1 point

Prize Money and Viewing

The total prize fund is 1,690,000 NOK, with the winner taking home 700,000 NOK. Fans can watch the games live at SR-Bank in Stavanger City, with tickets available at the venue.

The first round of the 12th Norway Chess 2024 has set the stage for an electrifying tournament. With top players like Carlsen, Liren, Praggnanandhaa, Firouzja, Caruana, and Nakamura, each round promises intense battles and thrilling finishes.